Access (Administrator)

What is this form?
     Access allows an Administrator to create, edit, and prevent employee access to the iManage solution.

Why/when to use this form?
     Use this form to:

  • See the login credentials of your employees
  • Reset access keys and passwords
  • Restrict access to certain companies, time periods, user profiles, and fields
  • Review the number of times an employee has logged into iManage as well as their last successful login
  • Force a password change on the employee’s next login attempt
  • Modify their access status

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Passwords have to be between 3 and 16 characters
  • Passwords can consist of alpha, numeric and/or special characters
  • Remember to save once you confirm

How to use this form:
Access allows the Administrator to review and modify virtually all aspects of accessing iManage for your employees.  Simply change the necessary fields and hit the save button and an employee’s access is updated.  An Administrator can set or reset an employee’s password as well as easily manage the communication or change process with the employee.  In addition, an Administrator can lock out or disable an employee’s access via the ‘Access Status’ at the bottom of the page.



If you reset an employee’s password, a dialogue box will appear that will prompt you to enter the new password as well as the communication vehicle to effect the change.  Please toggle the appropriate boxes, hit “OK” and iManage will take care of the rest.


iManage will then notify you that the change has been successfully completed.