Approvals (Administrator or Supervisor)


What is this form?       

Approvals allow an Administrator to approve/ deny a request by an employee within iManage.  Depending on the type of change/ request by an employee will determine how many steps are in the overall approval process

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Approve/ Deny changes/requests from your employees
  • Approval requests can be emailed and/ or posted on the Administrator’s Home Page within iManage
  • Provide feedback/ comments along with your decision to approve or deny a request
  • Review the number of times an employee has logged into iManage as well as their last successful login 

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Your organization can determine the number of steps in an approval process based on the type of change/ request from the employee
  • Once the last person in the approval process approves the transaction, there is nothing that needs to be done. The approval will take effect based on the effective date that was listed in the change.

How to use this form:

Approvals allow the Administrator to review requests from the employee prior to the changes being formally made within iManage.  The Administrators have the ability to determine how many steps an approval needs based on the type of request.   In the example below, there is only one step in the approval process.  Should there be multiple, they would be visible on this screen.

To make an approval, the Administrator simply selects either approvals-yes-admin-1  to approve the request, or selects approvals-no-admin-1 to deny the request.


If an Administrator approves a request they will be presented with the opportunity to add comments to the employee along with the approval:


Likewise, if the Administrator declines a request, they will also have the ability to add comments to the employee to


Once either option (approve or decline) are clicked, there is nothing else the Administrator needs to do.