Banking (Administrator)


What is this form?

Banking allows an Administrator the ability to view and edit certain banking information relating to your employees.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Add or delete bank accounts and financial institutions for your employees’ net pay
  • Change the nature of how your employees receive their pay e.g. checks or direct deposit
  • Modify the dollar amount or percentage of an employee’s pay that is directed to various bank accounts or financial institutions
  • Modify the sequence in which iManage distributes the net pay of your employees

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • You can view a list of your employees banking information both current and historical
  • There is no limit to the number of accounts an employee can have, however your organization can set the limit for iManage to follow
  • Distribution order should be in increments of 10 (e.g. 10, 20 30, etc.)
  • Make sure that the effective date of a change is within a payroll period
  • If you come across a routing number not in the system, please contact CBS immediately
  • Timeline will show any and all edits to this form

How to use this form: 

Banking allows the Administrator to view and edit banking information for the employees that he/she manages. If you would like to edit such information, simply click the orange add-icon  to begin editing your employees’ information.  Upon completion of your edits, make sure to save your changes by hitting the save button  save-icon.   Please note that fields that are denoted with a red asterisk * are required.


Once you hit the save button, you will be asked to denote the Effective Date and the Change Reason.  Once you have selected the appropriate date and reason and hit “OK” – your changes will be committed to the iManage database and ready for payroll.