Documents (Administrator)


What is this form?       

Documents enables an Administrator quickly and easily review, add or delete documents concerning employees that report to them or other important compliance or regulatory documents relating to the workforce e.g. payroll tax returns, company policies, etc.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Create or edit documents that are important to your company and relate to managing the workforce

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Your selected media type will control where your stored document will be visible and organized within iManage
  • Make sure that all information is updated before saving

How to use this form:

In order to add a new document to the iManage database simply click the orange add-icon.  This will begin a sequence of activities that will allow you to successfully upload your important documents.


The first step in the upload sequence will be the creation of a data field within the system.  By clicking the orange , this data will be automatically opened.  This will create new row for you to upload your document, select the type of document as well as record any notes about the document.


Once you have clicked on the upload file icon, the following will be displayed which will allow you to navigate to where your document is currently store and where the document will be copied from into iManage.   Once you have selected your document for upload, click on “OK” to initiate the upload process.


If the upload has been successful, iManage will display the following information:


You will then select the “Type” of document that was uploaded.  iManage will organize your file and where it is visible based upon this Type seletion.  If no type is selected the document will appear in the “All” tab of your documents listing.  Additionally, you can record any notes about the file that was uploaded in the “Text” column of the form.  Once you have entered all this information you must click on the green button in order for it to be committed to the iManage database.