Discipline (Administrator)


What is this form?       

Discipline allows an Administrator to quickly and easily create, view, and edit any disciplinary actions that have occurred with your employees.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Document disciplinary actions
  • Manage a Progressive Discipline Policy across your organization

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Talk to your CBS representatives about introducing workflow as part of this form
  • A full progressive discipline policy is included with iManage
  • The information will show current and historical data by Issue Type and Issue Date
  • Timeline will show any and all edits to this form

How to use this form:

This is a View and Edit form that allows Administrators to record disciplinary actions.  The Timeline aspect of iManage will enable you to see the full history of disciplinary actions on an employee.


Should the disciplinary action require termination of the employee, clicking the ‘Terminate Employee’ button will bring you directly to the ‘Term EE’    screen.