Home (Employee)


What is this form?       

Home is the page where can globally access information stored in iManage about yourself.  It has been designed to efficiently get you to the information you seek.  If ever you see incorrect information in the system please either edit that information if possible or seek out assistance from your Administrator or CBS Service Representative.

Below is a very high level summary of the icon categories and the information they contain:

  • My Links
    • Personal – demographic info as well as mailing and telephone information
    • Banking – direct deposit and checking information concerning your pay checks
    • Taxes – state and federal withholding information
    • Deductions – view all benefits, garnishments and other items being deducted from your pay
    • Time Off – PTO balances and a place to request time off
    • Life Event – beginning the process to make changes to your benefits based upon qualifying life events
    • Profile – complete snapshot of you work related information – personal, job, tenure, compensation, supervisor, etc.
    • IRS – reprinting W2’s from prior years
  • Company Links
    • Job – job titles, locations, supervisors and current compensation
    • Property – summary of all company property that is in your care
    • Skills – education, qualifications, work histories, etc. associated to you
    • Directory – companywide directory of your other work associates
    • Enroll – electing changes to your benefits during your annual open enrollment and life events
    • Pay – detailed summary of all pay stubs processed by CBS via iManage
    • Access – resetting your password credentials

How to use this form:

To access any of the information associated with the various information icons, simply double click the icon and you will be taken to your information.  Additionally, you can quickly and easily see the last pay check you received as well as any balances you may have with the various attendance plans at your organization.  As always, if you see information that does not appear to be correct please contact your Administrator or CBS Service Representative.