Job (Administrator)


What is this form?

Job allows an Administrator the ability to view and edit certain job information relating to your employees.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Changes relating to an employee’s pay, title, job, location, supervisor and much more!
  • Changing an employee’s status e.g. full time to part time, exempt to non-exempt
  • Reviewing and editing details surrounding an employee’s employment with your organization
  • Seeing if a past employee is eligible for rehire
  • Recording an employee’s HSA routing and account number

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • From this Job form, you can see a list of your employees – both active and terminated
  • You can view employee’s job and location information and determine job distribution code in one screen
  • To add another distribution to a specific employee, click on that employee and hit the add-icon sign at bottom right of your screen
  • Remember that the Red asterisk-icon is mandatory information
  • The Eye Glass icon hour-glass-icon gives you a list of items to choose from – if you need to add more, please contact CBS….
  • You can future date any changes and they will update the system at that time

How to use this form: 

Job allows the Administrator to view and edit job information for the employees that he/she manages.  If you would like to edit such information, simply click the orange add-icon  to begin editing your employees’ information.  Upon completion of your edits, make sure to save your changes by hitting the save button save-icon.



Once you hit the save button, you will be asked to denote the Effective Date and the Change Reason.  Once you have selected the appropriate date and reason and hit “OK” – your changes will be committed to the iManage database and ready for payroll.  No further work or worry is needed by you or the employee.