System Reports (Administrator)


What is this form?       

System Reports allows an Administrator to run a large variety of reports based upon information contained within iManage.  These reports are best formatted to be printed in a PDF format.  If you need to run reports that you would like to convert to excel or some other format, please refer to our Ad Hoc reporting capabilities on the home page. The reports that you see are driven by your role and the various modules that your company has selected to utilize from CBS.  If you don’t see a report but strongly need it, just contact your CBS Service Representative.  Odds are we have already created such a report, but if not we can certainly do so.  We want to help you turn data into information and System Reports is a big step in that direction.

Why/when to use this form?
     Use this form to:

  • Run reports to all payroll registers, benefits reports and human resource compliance reports
  • Changing an employee’s status e.g. full time to part time, exempt to non-exempt

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Don’t see a report you need? Call your CBS Service Representative

How to use this form:

System Reports allows the Administrator to run a variety of reports.  Please note that the reports listing that we make available to our clients is constantly growing.  To access one of your reports, simply double click on the name of the report below and your report inquiry process will begin.


An example of one of the reports you can easily and probably regularly run is the Current Pay Register.  This will show you the gross to net for any payrolls that have been processed by your CBS service team.  You have a variety of reporting parameters as well as filters so that you get exactly the kind of information you need.  Once you have populated the parameters and filters you require, simply click the Launch button in the upper right hand corner and your report will be prepared and presented to you in seconds.