Ad Hoc (Administrator)


What is this form?

Ad Hoc allows an Administrator to create and run a large variety of custom reports for your organization.  These reports can be saved to excel, PDF and a variety of other formats.  The reports and data elements that you see are driven by your role and the various modules that your company has selected to utilize from CBS.  If you don’t see a report or a data element but strongly need it, just contact your CBS Service Representative.  Odds are we have already created such a report, but if not we can certainly do so.  We want to help you turn data into information and Ad Hoc Reports is a big step in that direction.

Why/when to use this form?
     Use this form to:

  • Run reports to all payroll registers, benefits reports and human resource compliance reports
  • Changing an employee’s status e.g. full time to part time, exempt to non-exempt

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • By clicking on the Pencil Icon under saved reports, you can edit the names of the reports
  • You can run a payroll report for a period of time if you need YTD data
  • If you need a special report that is not in this list, please call your CBS Service Representative
  • You can delete reports from the site by clicking on the garbage can under Your Saved Reports
  • You can download reports into excel or PDF

How to use this form:

Once you click the Ad Hoc reporting button on the home screen it will take you to the Ad Hoc reporting page.  Only the reports and data elements that you are eligible to see will be revealed to you.  On the left side of the main screen, select one of your reports.  You will also be able to save those reports once you have customized them to your specific needs.  Those saved reports will be save under “Your Saved Reports.”  These saved reports will save you valuable time in the future and ensure a consistency across your reporting activities.  You can save an unlimited number of reports.


Once you have selected the report that you wish to run, a new screen will appear.  This screen will automatically populate the information for the report that you just ran and give you the option of modifying the data elements in that report.  In addition to changing the data in the columns, you will be able to add formulas, sort the data to your needs, filter, group, etc. so that you ultimately get exactly the information you need in the format that you desire.  You will also be able to save the report and add to your personal dashboard so that you do not have to re-do your filters in the future.


By clicking on the “Columns” icon you will quickly reveal all the data elements that currently being used to create the report you are seeing and also give you the ability to toggle on or off those data elements that you desire.  Once you have toggled the various data elements, simply click the “OK” button and your new report with your specific data elements will appear.  The Ad Hoc reporting tool also allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop the data columns into exactly the layout you want.  Try it.  It is easy!