Hire Employee (Administrator)


What is this form?       

Hire allows an Administrator the ability to enter all necessary data for new employees.  It will gather all job related information as well as banking and tax information that is necessary to properly pay your employee.  This form will not enroll your employee in any employee benefits plans for which he/she is eligible.  Please refer to the Deductions icon on the home page to record which benefits the employee elects.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Enter new hires into iManage

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Rather than manually entering a new hire into iManage, you can leverage the paperless onboarding section of iManage. Contact your CBS Representative for more information.

How to use this form:

Hire allows the Administrator to hire new employees to your organization if you are NOT using the CBS onboarding solution for your new employees.  Hiring an employee is an easy multi-step process that iManage takes you through so that your new employee is properly recorded in our system.  Step 1 gathers essential personal, job and salary information whiles steps 2 and 3 gather the tax and banking information, respectively.  To start the New Hire process simply click the orange  add-icon. Upon completion of each step, make sure to click the “Continue” button in the bottom left hand corner of this form.  Please note that fields that are denoted with a red asteriskasterisk-icon are required.





Once finished with the 3 steps, hit the ‘Complete’ button to save the new employee.  DO NOT hit exit as this will not save the employee data.