Life Event (Employee)


What is this form?

Life Event allows you to change your benefit elections when a life event occurs (ex. birth, marriage, divorce, etc.)  Once your Life Event has been approved, you will have the ability to change your selection of benefits.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Create a life event
  • View the status of the current life event
  • Upload the proof that is required for the change in coverage
  • View the life event history

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Each life event has a description in the Event Type Text box to help
  • Event dates should be entered as of the first date without coverage, date of birth, date of marriage, etc.
  • Life events are only open for 30 days after that point you will need to wait until open enrollment to make changes to your coverage

How to use this form:

Life Event allows you to view and edit current life events. To create a life event, you will need to select the type of event then click on I want to create this event.


Once you click I want to create this event, a box will appear for you to confirm the event type and the event date. If you have any comments that you would like to include, please enter them in the open comments box. After you complete the information, please click OK to save.


Now that the event is created, click upload-icon to upload your document. When the box appears, click Browse to search for the file. Then click OK.