Pay Stub (Employee)


What is this form?       

Pay Stub allows an Employee to print any and all disbursements that have been processed in iManage.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • To review pay check specific information on a pay date by pay date perspective

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • If you see any incorrect information please contact your Administrator immediately.

How to use this form:

Pay Stub gives you the ability to view all the information surrounding your pay check on a detailed basis.  This form will show ALL payroll distributions processed by Corporate Business Solutions.  The most recently processed payroll is presented first, but the columns have the ability to be sorted in either an ascending or descending manner.  Once you have highlighted in green a specific pay date, the details of that particular payroll are shown dynamically below.  This screen enables the payroll system to actually generate a PDF version of your pay.  Please note that the system automatically defaults to pay checks issued to you within two weeks.  If this is not the pay check you are seeking to reprint, simply select the starting and ending pay dates for the period you desire and click the Launch icon .  If the paycheck you desire is within the past two weeks simply click the Launch icon and your reprinted check stub will be generated by the system.



Once the system has completed its processing, a PDF version of your check stub will appear and highlighted in yellow.