Safety (Administrator)


What is this form?

Safety allows an Administrator to quickly and easily view and edit any safety incidents that have occurred at your workplace.  This information will be used to automatically populate your OSHA 300, 300A and 301 Reports that can also be generated from iManage.

Why/when to use this form?
        Use this form to:

  • Document safety incidents
  • Track incident factors, the investigation, costs, along with people and witnesses that are involved, even if they do not work for your organization!

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Talk to your CBS representatives about introducing workflow as part of this form
  • Easily run your OSHA 300, 300A and 301 Reports from data in this module. See your System Reports for this ability
  • If you have to go back 3 years to check if you paid an attorney, this info is kept in this location

How to use this form:

Incident Details
Within the first tab of the Safety form, complete the required information.  There are several drop down options concerning the incident status, type and reason.  Update these fields as the incident progresses and is resolved.  Elements of this form may be customized to your specific workplace.  Please contact your CBS Service Representative for that help.


Incident Factors
iManage allows Administrators to record a variety of factors that contributed to the incident.  Toggle the various elements and record in your own words the incident description, any environmental factors or causes.

Incident Investigation
iManage allows Administrators to keep track of incident investigation.   Select the employee and investigation details as well as toggle whether the incident was considered avoidable or not.

People Involved with the Incident
iManage allows you identify and begin case management with respect to an injured employee.

Vehicle Reports associated with the Incident
iManage allows Administrators to record any information associated with a vehicle(s) that may have been involved within the incident.

Eye Witness Accounts of the Incident
iManage allows Administrators to record eye witnesses to the incident.  These can be employees or non-employees of your organization.

Costs Associated with the Incident
iManage allows Administrators to track any costs associated with the incident, including the status of the payment.