Home (Supervisor)


What is this form?       

Home is the page where can access the information stored in iManage about employees on your team. It is designed for you to quickly and easily see tasks that need your approval as well as a number of other actions you may take as a supervisor.

Below is a very high level summary of the icon categories and the information they contain:

  • My Employees
    • Safety – record and monitor safety incidents in the workplace
    • Performance – prepare performance reviews on your employees
    • Discipline – record any disciplinary actions you encounter in the workforce
    • Directory – companywide directory of your other work associates

How to use this form:

To access any of the information associated with the various information icons, simply double click the icon and you will be taken to your information.  As always, if you see information that does not appear to be correct please contact your Administrator or CBS Service Representative.