Terminate Employee (Administrator)



What is this form?       

Term gives an Administrator the ability to quickly and easily terminate employees.  The Term process will stop all deductions and benefits and allow you to future date such transactions as necessary.

Why/when to use this form?

Use this form to:

  • Terminate an employee
  • Adjust the termination date for previously terminated employees
  • Record the date, reason and rehire status of an employee
  • Un-terminate an employee that was terminated in error

Tips from Your CBS Pros:

  • Make sure you hit the ‘OK’ button after each change to ensure the changes are saved.

How to use this form:

Term Employee allows the Administrator to terminate employees from a single screen.  To terminate an employee, simply highlight the employee you wish to terminate and click on the ‘Terminate this Employee’ button.    Please note that fields that are denoted with a red asterisk asterisk-icon are required.


Once you hit the “Terminate this Employee” button, you will be asked to denote the Termination Date, the Termination Reason as well as the Rehire Status of the employee.  Please note that fields that are denoted with a red asterisk * are required.  Once you have selected the appropriate date, reason, and rehire status hit the “OK” button – your changes will be committed to the iManage database and ready for payroll.  No further work or worry is needed by you or the employee. Because of iManage’s powerful effective dating capability, you will now have the ability to future date these kinds of transactions to better manage the time constraints placed on your job as an Administrator.



Please note: should you need to change the termination date, or if you terminated the wrong employee, the iManage system will allow you to make adjustments.  Just click on either the ‘Adjust Termination Date’ or the ‘Un-terminate this Employee’ depending on what you need to switch.  Once you make the change and hit the ‘OK’ button, the new changes will be saved.