Corporate Business Solutions (CBS) was founded more than 20 years ago as a third party 401(k) administrator. Since its founding, the company has grown to serve hundreds of clients in virtually every state in the country. As their human resources solutions partner, we work to enhance our clients’ competitive edge. Whether it is saving money, identifying and retaining talented employees, creating efficiencies through best-of-breed technologies, CBS has the experience to make an impact on your business. Today, we serve companies in almost every sector of the US economy and are humbled by the fact that over 98% of our clients re-affirm their relationship with CBS each year by allowing us to serve them and their most important asset – their employees.

Our Core Values

Honesty, trust and mutual respect will forever remain the guiding principles of our company.
Never Quit
A successful, growing, prosperous company was never built upon the idea that “giving up” was an option.
360° Loyalty
We believe that loyalty to our internal and external customers is critical to our success.
Impactful Performance
Our services will have a positive impact upon our business partners, our community and our families.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Each member of our team understands and exhibits the sense of urgency, creativity and flexibility that is necessary for an entrepreneurial company to flourish. They are empowered to make decisions that will guide our success.
In order to be their best, people need some fun. We won’t forget this.

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