Affordable Care Act

iManage Has Given Us The Peace Of Mind To Know That No Matter How The Act Evolves, We Are Well-Positioned To Make Informed Decisions.

The Challange

Understanding the Act and how to comply with it
This company had begun its research into the Affordable Care Act and how it might impact its business. A large percentage of its workforce did not have benefits and they were worried about the financial implications that Obamacare would have on them. It did not have the expertise or bandwidth internally to really drill into requirements or quantify the economics of the Act. Decisions had to be made if it was going to ensure compliance in 2016 and the company realized it had to start well before then to put a thoughtful plan in place.

The Solution

Leveraging iManage and Time & Attendance

By working with CBS’s HR consultants and leveraging our technologies, a road map was created. It started with understanding the client’s business as well it their objectives and concerns about its future healthcare alternatives. iManage would allow them real-time insight into those employees’ reaching the 30 hour full time status as well as tracking all the plans that would be used for compliance and reporting.

The Result

Meeting 2016 with Confidence
The Affordable Care Act is a complicated beast. CBS and iManage have given us the peace of mind to know that no matter how the Act evolves, we are well-positioned with them to ensure we make informed decisions.

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