iManage by Corporate Business Solutions

iManage by Corporate Business Solutions is a full-featured HR solution that was designed to improve the organization of a Human Resources department. The software is a particularly good fit for mid-sized to enterprise-level businesses looking to streamline HR practices, and can provide a dependable outsourcing solution to tackle the challenges that can go hand-in-hand with payroll.

HR Web Portal & Dashboards
iManage provides a user-friendly interface that is customizable. Quickly and easily see your information without a lot of time and effort. CBS provides a management dashboard that will provide real-time insight across all aspects of the company contained within our technology.
Manager & Employee Self Service
This service allows employees and management to make changes to personal information including address changes, PTO requests, print pay stubs, manage direct deposits and a variety of other activities.
Performance Management
Fully integrated to identify, track and remediate individuals through the progressive discipline process. Maintain any and all internal documents to ensure compliance with company policy and external laws in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Tax Filing & Wage Attachments
Total management and support of all payroll tax matters. Online verification of tax filings and deposits. Computer processing and compliance support of all wage attachments including garnishments, sick pay, etc.
Alerts & Notifications
Enable managers and employees to receive automatic emails and reports on a customized set of requirements for virtually all data elements in the HRIS. Our solution will push such information to you via an encrypted pathway.
BI & Reporting
Turn data into information via our robust business intelligence and reporting solution that is real-time and available 24/7. All reports can easily and quickly be created in a variety of formats, e.g. Excel, PDF and many more.
Benefits Enrollment
Complete life cycle enrollment including new hires, life events, open enrollment and termination. Full integrated with third party insurance carriers and TPS. Automated eligibility and alert notifications to ensure compliance and administration ease.
Career Planning
Enable managers and employees to effectively manage career paths and job opportunities that exist in the company. Coordinate and track the background, education, training and skills necessary for management to identify and develop their best and brightest.
Recruiting & Onboarding
Give your Hiring Manager start-to-finish capabilities including creating job openings, posting openings on job boards, screening applicants and their skills and scheduling interviews and onboarding. All in a paperless environment! CBS offers an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding solution with its HRIS.
Salary Plan & Compensation
CBS will enable designated managers with salary administration and budgeting to ensure consistency and compliance with company-specific performance review criteria as well as an efficient alert-based mechanism for managers and staff.
Time & Labor Management
Fully integrated time and labor management. Able to perform complex scheduling and real-time labor cost analysis that will better enable management to control one of a company’s largest cost – its labor.

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