Partner vs. Vendor

Our Relationship With CBS Has Grown From A Vendor Relationship To A Partnership. They Are Always Looking Out For Our Best Interests And Are Very Supportive Of The Work We Do In The Community.

The Challange

Struggling to provide basic HR benefits for employees
It’s tough enough managing a small company these days and providing the benefits employees have come to expect. This challenge is magnified tenfold when you are managing a non-profit organization, struggling to meet budget constraints while keeping employees happy. This non-profit organization found itself stuck in this quandary just a few years ago. Aside from healthcare, they had no benefits for their growing employee base, which was making it difficult for them to retain their current staff and to attract new employees to the organization. The CEO describes the difficult situation in this way, “We found ourselves in the role of providing HR management, not because we were good at it, but because we had to do it. But we didn’t know what we were doing.”

The Solution

Partnering with CBS
The more the company spoke openly to CBS about the obstacles they were facing, the more they came to realize that they simply could not continue trying to manage HR on their own. It was just too much of a burden on the senior management of the company. It became clear that by partnering with CBS as a co-employer and tapping into their bundle of Professional Employer Services, they would be able to offer so much more to their employees. The amount of time and energy senior staff was dedicating to Human Resource issues was also significantly minimized.

The Result

Now the company is able to take better care of their employees
Better benefits and employee training programs are what made the difference for this company. Not only do they have access to a portfolio of on-the-shelf benefit packages, but they also have CBS experts available to research unique benefit options for the company’s employees. In addition, CBS has helped the non-profit organization to develop plans and procedures for training their supervisors.

“CBS is a good partner for us because they are willing to take the time to understand what we need. They also look for creative and cost-effective ways in which to address those needs together.”

“Our expectations continue to be surpassed. CBS personifies what it means to be a well-functioning HRO.”

“We also now have a powerful 24/7 associate self-service HRIS, plus direct links to carriers and a large repository of information that previously our employees had to obtain from their HR department.” This was crucial to a company with a diverse manufacturing and professional population.

“In addition to accessing the HR department directly, we wanted all our associates to have access to the system from home or during ‘off hours’ when it suited their schedule.”

She set up on-site kiosks for the production workers and had HR staff provide training and individual walk-throughs of the system. At first, there was some resistance, but feedback from the rollout was that it was the smoothest online enrollment deployment in the company’s history.

This company also relies heavily on the HRIS’ extensive reporting capabilities. “Things like New Hire or other pertinent demographic reports out of our old system were extremely cumbersome and were not as intuitive or customizable as those available on CBS.”

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