Technology & Time Savings

CBS Was Able To Save Us Over $72,000 Over The Last 2 ½ Years. They Provide A Huge Cost Savings And Provide Us With A High Level Of Service And Technology.

The Challange

Costly & Antiquated Provider 
Prior to partnering with CBS the HR staff at of this growing company had to manually load all benefits information into a national payroll provider system, which created a great risk of input errors and was very time consuming. Although the health and dental enrollment information could be electronically transmitted to carriers, all other plan enrollment information (vision, FSA’s, etc.) had to be compiled and sent in Excel spreadsheets. In addition, all benefit enrollment paperwork had to be filed in employee benefit files.

The Solution

In 2005, leadership decided to shop for an on-line benefits enrollment and administration and payroll system. The key factors in choosing CBS were the ease-of-use for administrators and employees, reduction of paperwork, cost and time savings impact on the HR department.

The Result

CBS was able to customize its solution to meet the unique needs. The solution was also less expensive than the national provider, and easier for employees to understand and use. In addition, CBS’ real-time reports simplified their bill reconciliation process and eliminated the risk of overpaying carriers. CBS performed an audit of the life and health bills and CBS found $18,000 in overcharges. CBS was also able to automate many of the post-enrollment administrative tasks that can easily fall through the cracks.

The employee self service offering of the HRIS lessened the administrative burdens on the HR team while empowering employees to access their own pay data and managers to be more in control of their team members. CBS’ technology and service offering allows the organization to expand and grow without making additional investments in overhead and/or processes.

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