Time & Organization

CBS Has Helped Us Centralize Our Human Resources Functions. Not Only Can Our HR Team Run Important Reports And Get Timely, Accurate Data, But Our Staff Can Also Enter And Manage Information On Their Own.

The Challange

“Buried in paperwork”
This is how the credit union described life before CBS. Like many growing mid-sized companies, management knew it was spending more time than necessary maintaining antiquated spreadsheets. Employees were frustrated when they could not quickly access reports and information. This credit union knew they needed a system that provided faster access, more flexibility, and accurate information. The challenges they faced were:

  • Disparate and inaccurate tracking of employee information.
  • Labor-intensive management of multiple Excel spreadsheets and third party payroll reports.
  • Too much lost time on redundant and inefficient tasks for HR team.
  • Lack of access to critical data and reports for managers and staff.

The Solution

Implementing a comprehensive, integrated workforce management and payroll system
After thorough audits of existing systems and a discussion of the company’s future needs, CBS helped the company replace its confusing internal functions with the CBS Human Resources Information System, a comprehensive workforce management and payroll reporting system. Defining the best technology solution was one challenge; implementing it was another.

The Result

Better access to better information
Today, this credit union is able to rely on better, more integrated information that employees can access on-line anytime and anywhere they have an Internet connection. As a result, the company spends less time updating information and more time using it.

“All of the information is in one place, so our management team and staff are now equipped with the information and tools they need to do their jobs better.”

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